.Niyasar is a city in central Iran
Niyasar city in Niyasar the city of Kashan in Isfahan province located. The most important artefacts Niyasar building calendar Niyasar chhartaqy is. Its population in 1383 was estimated to be equal to 2343. Niyasar ancient village that has been mentioned in the sixth and seventh centuries geographical works. Archaeological and natural Niyasar is: Niyasar chhartaqy , waterfall, Safavi's Palace built on Sasanian fire temple, bath Safavi, beacon, known as The Hole bunker head, temple and nearby springs that have now become old Chnarhay The mosque is. Remnants of the ancient rituals of the ceremony is being held in Niyasar. Decorate the cow was sacrificed on the day of al-Adha celebrations March, examples of it. Nyastr the town mentioned in old books.


Historic Niasar


:Four arched Niasar
A dome-shaped building that is located on a cliff overlooking the "Forum" is rural, remote, manifests itself. Babak A. This structure is believed to be the founder of the Sasanian dynasty built. Temple building is 14 × 14 meters in a room with a dome is. There is no wall on the four sides of the room. Four arch of rock that have been put together with a plaster made. The stones used in the lower part of the normal form in the upper Vsng•hay used in parenthesis are square shaped like large bricks. Thnany parts of plaster has been built in recent years. Probably died around the temple all the walls were adorned with stone carvings.


:Fountains and waterfalls Niasar
A few meters below the four arched Niasar, spring water flows and the village is clean and coolness, this fountain is called the Alexander Springs, the oldest known springs which is 1680 meters above sea level. Tshkdhay the waters of many other flows, which could be a sign of worshiping Anahita, goddess of fertility, and is associated with water. There is a spring at the bottom of the Niagara River Falls, there are two stone mill.


:Cave Niasar
The cave consists of a set of tunnels and passages and long narrow rooms, rooms and multiple wells. Access to the depth of the wells is not possible without the use of modern day cave Niasar the "hole Weiss" or "Ghayr Weiss" or "head of the Cave 'is known and the unknown centuries, as in historical research and writing of the name of the No - while other monuments in the area, such as Niasar temple was built at the time of Ardashir Babak fully understood. Niasar cave has three floors and consists of two channels, the channel and the channel along an almost horizontal roughly circular. Along the corridors and rooms of this complex is two thousand five hundred meters, while the width of one meter or less so heart is often less than one square meter of tunnel sections. Cave and Cave horizontal annular two entries are four entries. Cave ring is composed of seven rooms in the mountain are so elaborately dug wells through underground tubes are connected to the lower classes. Mouths of the tunnel at a height of eighty-one thousand and seventy-nine thousand meters above the ground are.


:Bath water mill
for the same reason. way into the water bath is also interesting and intriguing, and the form of water that falls into the mud Kvlhay Beauty and the eight ears were driven into the bathroom and the entire bathroom were transferred into separate bath and water bath Kvlhay also driven by the work that still remains. Fuel wood is the bathroom and the bathroom has been falling and the input side of an eight figure out where the bathroom is separated by Dalanhayy. The water mill by the cascading water that poured down into the water cycle works this way in the first place by the stokehole the store and pick out the narrow end of cycle pressure stokehole mill rocks and stones to grind wheat and barley which circulates to Asia. Architecture bathroom mill as a mill town and have to say that this is not only the mill and other mills have been demolished or are disabled or enabled in the mill, the mill is the only.


: Mansion and Pavilion Gardens Forum
Garden Forum is an original, interesting and beautiful cities in Khtan Niyasar old and very lofty trees, it is recognized that soaring is very aesthetically pleasing, handsome old garden water fountain flowing in Alexandria and leads to a cascade of water that watered the trees are very beautiful and elegant mansion built the Pavilion Hall is known. In front of the building and the monument was destroyed by the authority and the relevant authorities have been repaired and are ready to assist guests visit is precious. Another feature of this place is that it overlooks the entire city and surrounding Niyasar other words Niyasar It is visible from anywhere.


Niyasar City, the capital city of Kashan and Isfahan Niyasar functions and is located at a distance of 24 km north-west of Kashan. Niyasar city highway at a distance of 240 kilometers from Tehran, Isfahan, located 260 km from the city. Every year from mid-May, Niyasar Iran becomes a scenic paradise. Niyasar one of the most important centers of production rose, rose water and herbal extracts in the country. Such a unique feature due to high water springs located at the foot of Mount Vulture and Alexandria and many canals that limits the size of 800 hectares is cultivated. Niyasar old city that owes its entire history dating back to Fountain Fountain Blue in Alexandria is known. Niyasar waterfall fountain that is actually delivered. The historical and ancient cave underlying layer, four arched (fire), Sassanian, public and residential buildings in the historical context of numerous and diverse, extensive gardens, located on a hillside with beautiful Glstanhay Alexandria springs and waterfalls and gardens and the palace's famous Niyasar , the city has become one of the city's historical and tourism. The city welcomes tourists all year and especially during Glabgyry and tours around the country.