Egyptian willow water
  It is tonic for nerve. Decrease blood pressure sedative , laxative , the best drink on Iranian table , the persons who have low blood pressure
  Rose water

Scent, cardiac, tonic for nerves and stomach.
Stiffen gums, remove blood phlegm, emollient, and treat asthenopia the best flavor sweet stuff and sherbets.
As sherbet in stead of liquor on Iranian table.

  Forty- plants water

 It is combination of flowers , roots and stems of forty therapeutic plant s that is cardiac and strong sedative ,critical calmative for women s periodic pains , digestive and treatment for sleeplessness as sherbet ,

Drink after meals and be for bed.
  Orange flower water

Sedative, cardiac, Anti convulsion and hic cup Drink a cup before bed, it is uses with tea and sherbet too.

  Ox tongue water
  Exhilarant, reinforce, beautify face, sedative of digestion useful for renal edema, and pursiness, and disinfect digestion organs Drink after meals as sherbet.
  Alfalfa water

Full of vitamins like, A, D, K, C.
Reinforce nerves, cure for palsy, and soften respiratory organs. Gain weight, filter, and prevent from bleeding. Drink one glass 1 hour before bed.

  Lavender water
  Decrease fever, reinforce, sudorific, treat chronic bronchitis and headache
  Valerian water

Expectorant, muscle relaxant, decrease blood sugar and blood pressure, rein forcer, treat nerve disorders Drink as sherbet after meals.

  Spearmint water
  Anti stomach. Ache, anti flatulency, appetitive, removing cold temper, reinforce children stomach
  Eglantine water

It is cardiac and Nervi reinforcer, Treat kidney edema, treat diarrhea and gastralgia, good for deficiency of vitamin C drink as sherbet.

  Pepper spear mint water

Remove digestive system spasm Anti gastric reflex, Anti – flatulence. Sedative, for central nerves, treat indigestion, remove headache.

  Cumin water

Anti fatness increase mothers milk, reinforce, digestive, remove bowel disorders, filter blood

  KackooTi water
  Remove indigestion, Tonic for stomach. Appetitive, visual reinforcement, Respiratory disinfection, Drink after meals by half of glass.
  Aniseed water

Disincentive, Anti flatulency, Anti parasite, exert body poison, Remove addiction to Narcotics, and treat aphesis, Rein force sexual force, treatment for lankness.

  Chicory water

Filter blood, Anti – Cholesterol, reinforce skin, Anti – Anemia, laxative, oral use: half of glass with cold water external use: fumigate it on skin.

  Origin water

Anti chillness , reinforce vision , Anti fungi , Anti- flatulency , anti convulsion , Anti- epilepsy , Anti –Arthritis , remove spasm , treat digestive disorders

  Chamomile water

Appetitive, Anti ache in time of odontiasis digestive, sedative, Anti inflammatory (accelerating) wounds. Reconciliation in local use, stimulate menstrual cycle. Cholagogic.

  Fumitory water
  Eliminate  body itching , critical cure for derma infections and fungi diseases , treat skin cancer , cholagogic , Anti hepatic icterus  , treat prostate,
  Nettle water

Decrease blood sugar, stabilize gums, Haemapoietic, Remove blood disorders, interlude bleeding, adjust prostate.

  Mallow rose water
  Treat bronchitis, asthma, hoarseness, useful for nerve disorders and muscle pains, remove bladder phlogosis, stop urine, emollient, treat abscess
  Nut tree leaf

Adjusting blood sugar, Disinfection,

  Fenugreek water
   Tonic and reinforce , decrease blood sugar , and cholesterol laxative , useful for pulmonics physically , reinforce  hair root , treat  whiteness on nails locally , useful for weak persons Anti derma fungi s  , help to treat wounds , treat spots , Anti flam Tory .
  Dill water

Decrease blood fat, Anti poison, increase mothers milks, sedative for gastralgia, remove arthritis, and Drink a glass of it densely

  Garlic water
  Decrease blood pressure adjusts blood sugar and fat, change white hair to light – black, skin beauty. Treat derma spots, Anti virulence result form Nicotine and air pollution. When the blood pressure was increase,
  Fennel water
  Increase mothers milk , Appetitive , Stimulate menstrual cycle, Increase blood Iron , exert  renal stone , Anti – aging , Anti qualm , Anti hiccups  and pursiness.Its use is dangerous for men and Persons who have hepatic disorders ,
  Calamint water
  Haemapoietic, Anti itching. Result from bilting insects, Anti pica, anti – fatigue, stomach treatment, in crease blood pressure. Anti colic and hysteria, reinforce brain
  Kharkhasak water

Break kidney stones, Anti pertussus, Antifebrin, sexual tonic Anti itching. Densely drink in frequent times.

  Camels – Thorn water

Washing kidney, it is useful for renal stones, treatment for fingers ulcers, Anti pertussos, Antifebrin.
Drink in frequent times densely.

  Yarrow water
  Treat cardiac spasm, remove menstrual pains, Filter blood, exert renal stones, treat tatter, Anti rheumatism
  Sycamore leaf water
  Open voice, Anti – Hoarseness and Asthma, anti febrile, useful for nerve diseases, gain weight
  Cinnamon water

Treat eyelid jumping, Tonic for sexual force It is useful for foods and sweat stuff and tea.

  Willow water

Strong treatment for fevers, Anti citrus , Anti scurf , treat sexual organs pains oral use is as sherbet every time ; external use , wash hairs.

  Ginger- Cinnamon water
  Treat dyspepsia, flatulency, stimulate environmental blood circulation Anti – phlegmatic, sudorific, Anti muscles spasm, sexual tonic. Disinfection, antifebrin Anti parasite,
  Savory water (Pooneh)

 Anti- flatulency, Anti grippe and pertussus, expectorant,
stimulating effect on gastric secretions, Dissoluble.

  Rose Marry water

Anti- Scotodinia and pertussus, Icteric, Tonic for stomach, local treatment for muscles,
Drink it before meals.

  Sweet roots water

Treat gastric ulcer, treat bronchitis, Treat deficiency of blood Iron, cholagogic, and remove gastric acidity.
The persons, who have high blood pressure, consult with medical man.

  Moord water
  Anti bleeding. Treat Diarrhea and emerod (hemorrhoids), styptic of bowel, reinforce hair, remove, undesired smell of body, disinfecting mouth Drink 50cc densely.
  Cardamom water

Scented, Tonic for stomach, anti- flatulence. Reinforce, Deodorant, The best flavor for sweet stuff and tea, milk- cacao.